The Pilates Room — Chicago, builds a stronger you through the teachings of the classical Pilates method in private or small group sessions. We build, progress, and challenge to create balance, strength, and length in our body in a safe, fun, and creative environment. Walk in feeling good and walk out feeling great!


I love Pilates because it’s not only an amazing journey to personally practice it but it’s profound to teach it. Pilates is like an onion in that there are so many layers to understand. Joe Pilates was teaching something that was more than just a one-hour workout in the gym. He was teaching you how to control your body, to have balance in your body, to have flow and natural movement in your body, but to carry all of these elements over into your every day being as well. Take control of your life, be responsible for your actions, be smart about how you move, and respect your body each and every day. Live your life and move to your true potential. Everyone has a different potential and a different body structure and this is way Pilates is customized for each individual. We all have different goals, abilities, strengths, weaknesses… and Pilates is about discovering what those are, harnessing them, developing and strengthening them, and integrating them into your activities. When practicing Pilates, you will continually learn something about yourself, you should continue to grow and progress in your practice, as you should as a person in your life. When we stop learning we stop growing. So go out and learn about Pilates and you will discover your true potential. Don’t let your weaknesses or limitations hold you back or scare you. Embrace them and strengthen them. Become a stronger you!


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“To achieve the highest accomplishments

within the scope of our capabilities

in all walks of life, we must constantly

strive to acquire strong, healthy bodies & develop

our minds to the limit of our ability.”


Joseph Pilates



  • Building a stronger you
  • Creating a warm and inviting environment
  • A progression within each persons abilities
  • Educating people on the principals of Pilates
  • Encouraging our students that they can do more than they think with patience and dedication
  • Providing a safe, friendly, challenging space
  • Progressing individuals though the Pilates system that bestirs his or her needs
  • Striving to create balance, strength, length, body awareness, posture alignment, health, fluid movement
  • One on one or small group sessions
  • Teaching the classical Pilates method


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