Follow the ABC’s Approach this 2016 and Set Yourself up for SUCCESS

Follow the ABC’s Approach this 2016 and Set Yourself up for SUCCESS


(as interviewed on FOX News Chicago)

Yes, it’s that time of the year again.  The hustle and bustle of the holidays is behind us, no more Christmas parties, no more cookies and pastries tempting you at the office, and no more egg nog.  It’s time to get focused on yourself, your health, and anticipate an amazing new year.

I will make it simple for you and outline a new way to approach goal setting.  Let’s make it as easy as 1,2,3, or a,b,c,!


I always encourage my clients to take a positive, and enthusiastic approach.  Most importantly, you want to take a realistic approach when you are thinking about your long-term exercise routines and nutritional habits.  I see it every year…January comes and here you have these post-holiday workout worriers overcommitting to these extreme exercise programs and many are latching on to these short-term, quick- fix, fad diets.  Everyone knows that this is not realistic and this it is almost impossible to sustain during the year.  You have to be honest with yourself and you have to take a realistic approach in order to set yourself up for SUCCESS.


Balance is something that you all know you need in your lives because, when everything is in balance everything else flows a little bit more smoothly.  This is not easy to achieve though.  You need to take a close look at your daily routine with regard to your work schedule, time spent with your family, and time spent with your friends and you need to come up with a plan where you can integrate a long-term sustainable program with your exercise routines and nutritional habits.  As long as you are making changes and moving in the right direction then you will eventually come to that place of BALANCE in your life.


You may not make the right choice everyday about your nutritional habits, but as long as you make the right choices most of the time then you are doing great!  I like for my clients to think in terms of nutrition as opposed to diet.  Diet tends to be a trap word for something restrictive, short- term, and to be honest unpleasant.  I want you to think how your food choices will NOURISH your body, how will they help your brain to better function during the second half of the work day, how will they build you a stronger immune system to fight off colds and flues, and how will they repair your muscles after you just did an incredible workout.  You also want to keep you food clean and pure– choose fruits, vegetables, chicken, fish, lean meat, nuts, grains, etc.  Lastly you want to keep your meal planning SIMPLE.  Do not commit to overly complex meal plans with too much prep work and multiple dishes to clean after.  I personally like to bake my chicken or fish in the oven, I add in the vegetables half way through as to not over cook them, and then pair it with a simple field green salad or a small starch- simple, clean, nourishing!


Most people to some degree tend to be creatures of habit when it comes to the exercise routines because it is easy, convenient, and a bit mindless.  This year way not go outside the box and…you have 1 of 2 options…

  1.  Pick up an old hobby or sport that you enjoyed years ago such as golf, tennis, or for me I started swimming again.  Variety is the spice of life so play with this.  PLUS, your body responds very well to change.   If you continue to stay on the same workout schedule then your body will continue to look the same.  If you want to see changes in how you feel or how you look this winter then you have to change your approach.
  2. Try something entirely New this year.  You will have a greater sense of excitement and a renewed feeling of motivation if you are learning a new sport or activity.  To many Pilates if very new but the reality is that Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates decades and decades ago.  Maybe you go to THE PILATES ROOM- CHICAGO and you try Pilates this year!


You have to hold yourself accountable, but it is great to have someone along the way hold you accountable as well.  When you are researching new exercise programs to join this year find one where you can connect with the INSTRUCTOR or FITNESS PROFESSIONAL.  Any great instructor will hold their clients accountable to their goals.  I care about my clients and I want to see them progress, see results, and succeed.  I teach to individuals and groups of up to four people in The Pilates Room- Chicago.  If I do not see a client for a period of time then I will reach out to that person, make sure he or she is ok, motivate him or her, and then get them scheduled again.  I know that life happens and that there will be periods of time where you just can’t get all your workouts in.  This is ok as long as it’s only for a short period and then you find your schedule with your exercise program again.  Exercising should always be something long term that you commit to most of the time during the year.


Life can be too complicated and hectic as is, why add to it.  Exercise and great nutritional habits should be integrated into your weekly schedule with some sort of ease and should be a place for enjoyment or a time for stress- relief.  Find a way to keep these choices simple, easy, and convenient and you will SUCCEED in 2016!


To learn more about this article you can watch the FOX News Chicago segment.