Owner, The Pilates Room


Having always had an appreciation for wellness experienced through exercise, sports and diet, Kristine pursued her passion after graduating from Ohio University in 2000 with a double major in Marketing and Sport Industry and a minor in Business Administration. It was in health conscious Newport Beach, Ca. that Kristine started working as a personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness. Within a year she started her own business, Perfect Form Personal Training, focusing on using fitness as a catalyst to help people gain confidence. Word spread quickly and Kristine began to see many new clients with various preexisting health issues such as scoliosis, neck and back pain, and weight control. It was obvious to Kristine that poor posture, lack of flexibility, and imbalanced muscle strength were exacerbating her client’s issues and that a more comprehensive personal training routine was essential to helping them not only cope with their pain but ideally, relieve them completely.


Wanting to be closer to her mid-western roots, Kristine relocated to North Carolina in 2005 and took an immediate interest in Pilates and the proven long-term health and fitness benefits it awarded to committed clients. She attained her classically based Pilates certification through Peak Pilates and formed Perfect Form Personal Training and Pilates in Cornelius, NC. After seeing the immediate benefits Pilates brought to her many clients, Perfect Form Studio slowly transformed into a predominantly Pilates studio. The studio, renamed Perfect Form Pilates, attracted a diverse group of people including men, women, and athletes. In June of 2014, Kristine sold her popular studio to one of her employees in order to be with her fiancé in Chicago.


Kristine’s new studio, The Pilates Room, is located in a newly renovated converted loft style building in the dynamic West Loop and is fully equipped with the Gratz line in order to be able to effectively teach the classical style of Pilates. As Kristine says, “there is an order and purpose for the many Pilates movements and it is imperative to completely understand each movement and how each client may benefit based on their needs and capabilities”. Constantly digging deeper into her craft through continuing education is vital to Kristine remaining relevant and as she also says, “you always have to be learning to continue to be a better teacher”. Kristine is currently attending an advanced professional training program with internationally recognized classically based Pilates Instructor Kathy Ross Nash.


“Your health should be a top priority and it should be fun, not a chore. Come to the studio and give Pilates a try, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain” KB


  • Advanced Professional Pilates Teacher Training under Kathi Ross-Nash
  • Comprehensive certification through Peak Pilates
  • C.H.E.K. Institute Exercise Coach
  • C.H.E.K. Holistic Lifestyle Coach
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer


Career Highlights