Lunchtime in Chi-Town

Lunchtime in Chi-Town


Lunchtime dilemas…these decisions can set you up for afternoon slumps or keep you going in the direction of high energy and a slimming waistlines…what will you choose?  We have many delicious and amazing temptations surrounding us with Chicago city living, and many are great tasting options but many are not healthy options for you.  I have been living in the city for a little over a year now and I have finally weeded out the no-so healthy ones for you and I have selected three great go-to options (of course this list could be longer).


beatrix exterior                                        beatrix interior

Beatrix, located in River North on N. Clark St., is a great place to go with co-workers because it has a warm buzzing atmosphere with healthy and well-prepared choices.  I love their fresh-squeeze juice, especially the cucumber and mint soda, and all their salads have a unique variety of ingredients and taste amazing.  My go-to tends to be the Dr. Bob’s Turkey Burger (hold the egg and mayo for me please).  BEATRIX is also an excellent Sunday Funday brunch option to keep in mind!


doc b's exterior                                          doc b's menu

I love DOC B’s on E. Grand for lunchtime take out!  During these cold winter days their soups are a perfect choice and every day it changes…I generally pair this with the Perfect House Salad.  Generally I would skip the croutons on a salad but these are a must try.  My other go-to is the Brussels Sprout Salad and I add grilled chicken.  This can be a bit sizable so count on leftovers with this one.


protein bar                                       protein bar menu

If you want to mix it up and add a little variety and spice to your lunchtime life then this is the spot.  It’s quick, take-out is a great choice, and it has high protein food choices that don’t necessarily come from a meat source.   They have several locations so you can just do a quick search to find the location nearest you.  What do I order?  Right now I am on a kick with their superfood vegan salad with a small cup of their soup or the Korean BiBi- Q bowl and it’s just spicy enough to make you break out into a mild  They also have some fun cold pressed juices and you can get a great cup-o-Joe if you need a caffeine boost.

When you are starting a new Pilates program your nutrition is key to see the changes you want in your body and to give you the energy you need to exercise properly.  You have to make the right choices with your food and if you think in terms of nutrition you will always be steered in the right direction.  Your decisions set you up for success or failure.  It’s your choice so I hope you make the right one!  If you have found a great-tasting AND healthy sweet spot for lunch let us know!  Until then give these amazing restaurants in the vibrant city of Chicago a try where the food is amazing and the people are living a healthy active life!!!